5 exercises to increase balance and hip stability

5 exercises to increase balance and hip stability

Balance and Hip Strengthening is a crucial factor for runners of all ages, types, and levels.

A landmark study from the University of Calgary’s Running Injury Clinic suggests weak hip muscles play a large role in bad knees and lower leg running injuries. So runners should stop  placing all the blame faulty knees, week arches, or shoes for causing them so much pain as they run and start strengthening their hips.

Study Highlights

“..284 patients who visited his clinic complaining of leg pain over a period of seven months, 92 per cent had weak hip muscles.”

“After receiving a program to improve hip strength, an astonishing 89 per cent of the patients reported a significant improvement in pain within four to six weeks.”

Here are 5 great exercises to increase hip stabilization and balance

1) Hip Flexor Standing

2) Hip Rotator Sitting

3) Hip Abductor Standing

4) Airplane Pose

Starting Position

Stand with feet together, arms at sides, and gaze at a spot on the ground about 5 feet ahead for balance.


Lift left foot back, bending forward until left leg and chest are parallel to ground. Extend arms out as shown. Hold for 3 counts. Repeat for all repetitions and switch sides.

Special Instructions

Be sure to keep a flat back (parallel to floor) and concentrate on keeping abs tight.

Muscles Worked: Back, Glutes, Hamstrings

5) Back Bridges

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